New York, USA

Broadway, NYC

In November 2019 Founder, David Stanley visited New York ahead of the Music Man Project's planned tour of Broadway in 2021.

David's dream is to enable his students to perform on Broadway and to share his music service in every county in England, every country in the UK and every continent in the world. This is a story of high expectations and long journeys, campaigning for change and fulfilling dreams.

David's Churchill Fellowship research began with a visit to “Our Broadway”, a programme started three years ago by musicians Ian Miller and Dale Wansley at the Redfield Centre. The centre is run by the AHRC, a similar organisation to MENCAP in the UK.  His four week programme also included visits to the UN headquarters, the Manhattan School of Music, Manhattan Star Academy, Daniel's Music Foundation,  iHOPE, the Salvation Army Jamaica Citadel, and Manhattan Star Academy where he presented to their Senior Leadership team about the Music Man Project.

On the final evening of an incredibly successful teaching and research trip, David delivered a final combined workshop to all the residents from Salvation Army care homes across New York.  Everyone had a great time and loved playing the new instruments, learning to perform Hey There, Music is Magic and Join Together.

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