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You can show your support by making a donation towards the continued provision and future expansion of The Music Man Project around the UK and across the world.

In accordance with its charity status (no. 1188041), The Music Man Project will use your donation for the advancement of accessible music education by a) making grants for accessible arts education b) promoting equal access to perform c) carrying out research to further understanding of impact and to publish or otherwise disseminate the useful results of such research and d) raising awareness of the achievements of disadvantaged people in the arts. For the purpose of this clause “accessible” means universally available to all, regardless of disability or disadvantage.

Any amount you can spare will be very gratefully received.  Simply add amounts to your shopping cart using the drop-down list until you reach the total you would like to donate. Payments can be made using credit card, debit card or cheque. If you would like your donation to go towards a specific Music Man Project region please indicate this in the “additional information” section under billing details.


The Music Man Project website is funded by Southend Mencap which receives its own core funding from tuition fees and charitable donations.