Music is Magic at the Royal Albert Hall (DVD)


Provisional Release Date:  17th June 2019

Witness a dream come true as the award-winning, record-breaking Music Man Project UK perform at the world-famous Royal Albert Hall alongside a live orchestra, massed choirs and special guests.

Filmed on 15th April 2019, this DVD includes new arrangements from the Music Man Project Songbook, brand new songs such as ‘The Music Man’s Guide to the Orchestra’ and a special performance of Peace and Hope, to mark the most recent addition to our family: The Music Man Project in Bangalore, India. We also pay tribute to the Salvation Army who have helped us so much to achieve our shared ambition of bringing music education, enjoyment and opportunity to communities around the UK.

In Act 2 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing with the world premiere of our new musical, Music is Magic in Space. In the 1960s, the prospect of a manned mission to the moon was an impossible dream. When Neil Armstrong finally stepped out onto the lunar surface on 20th July 1969 it truly was a ‘giant leap for mankind’. Equally unthinkable back then, if not more so, would have been the sight of over 200 children and adults with learning disabilities leading a cast of nearly 700 people in their own concert at the Royal Albert Hall.



PAL Widescreen format dual-layer DVD

Running Time 2 hours 37 minutes.

Designed and Produced by Paul Carpenter Film and Media


Provisional Release Date:  17th June 2019