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Thank you TEAM LEWIS!
Life-changing Support on a Global Scale
Our Global Corporate Champion
Including a Christmas Top 10 single, Visit to San Diego and a Standing Ovation from His Majesty the King
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The Music Man Project is proud and grateful to work with global markating company, TEAM LEWIS and their expert team of dedicated professionals. Thanks to TEAM LEWIS, millions of people know who we are, know what we stand for and know what we want to achieve. With TEAM LEWIS we have begun to revolutionise accessible arts and culture for people with learning disabilities across the UK and around the world. This is no longer limited to accessible audiences, ramps to buildings or disabled toilets. We’re creating role models for generations of disabled people by showing what this community can do rather than what they need. TEAM LEWIS are world leaders in their support of charities and they’re helping the Music Man Project reverse perceptions and change lives. 

How does TEAM LEWIS help?