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"Everyone who encounters the Music Man Project is inspired by its message" [Chris Stringer, Territorial Headquarters]
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As seen with the International Staff Band and Songsters at the Royal Albert Hall
The Salvation Army
Unique Partnership to Establish Regional Music Man Projects Across the UK
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The Music Man Project proudly works in partnership with the Salvation Army to provide music education, performance opportunities and companionship for learning-disabled communities across the UK, from Southampton to Scotland. Led by The Music Man Project Global Ambassadors, our joint activities include:

  • Music workshops and taster sessions to establish new regional Music Man Projects at Salvation Army Corps around the country (2017-)
  • Salvation Army Christmas Spectacular Guest Performance at the Royal Albert Hall with the International Staff Band and Songsters (2022)
  • Performances at the Salvation Army’s “Women and God Weekend” (WAG)
  • Performances at the SAFE/Enabled Summer Schools
  • Original song composed by David Stanley for the SAFE/Enabled Summer School 
  • Guest appearance by Salvation Army Trumpet and Drum players to open The Music Man Project’s Royal Albert Hall concert (2019)
  • Free online music sessions for the Salvation Army Enabled Community during and after COVID lockdowns
  • Free access to mentoring and support for music teaching staff
  • Free marketing and social media
  • Free access to original Music Man Project repertoire and learning resources 
  • Free opportunities to perform at major Music Man Project massed concerts, such as at the London Palladium and Royal Albert Hall

The Partnership of The Music Man Project and the Salvation Army

In the words of Chris Stringer, UK Territorial Headquarters of The Salvation Army…

‘Music is Magic. It Opens Up Your Heart.’

If you recognise those words, you’ve heard the heart-warming impact of the Music Man Project. And many people who have heard them go on to start Music Man Project groups where they are. The pioneering joint initiative provides a confidence-boosting music education service for people with learning disabilities and their carers. First started by David Stanley in 1999, it became a key partner for The Salvation Army in 2017, aligning with the Movement’s value of respect and welcoming everyone with equal dignity and valuing their diversity.

There are currently eight active Music Man Projects within the Army in this territory, including Lincolnshire, run by Boston Corps and Skegness Corps, Lancashire, run by Clitheroe Corps, West Sussex, run by Bognor Regis Corps, Scotland, run by the George Steven Community Hub, Hampshire, run by Hedge End Corps, London, run by Balham Corps and Somerset, run by Bridgwater Corps.

It’s testament to the ministry of the Army groups that this growth tends to happen organically, as people who encounter the Music Man Project are inspired by its message – and by the Army’s mission to be inclusive and welcoming as it works to bring fullness of life with Jesus to all.

Music Man Projects with the Salvation Army typically start with a workshop by David Stanley and his Global Ambassadors so people can see what it’s like. Teaching repertoire is available on the Music Man Project website, along with all the music and Makaton signs. Advice is available over Zoom and the Salvation Army regularly meet people who are interested in running a service to talk through options and provide support and access to musical instruments.

The ground-breaking partnership has also led to some spectacular joint performances, including a fanfare from the Salvation Army to open The Music Man Project’s 2019 Royal Albert Hall debut and a guest appearance by The Music Man Project Ambassadors in the Salvation Army’s 2021 Christmas Celebration at the Royal Albert Hall, accompanied by the renowned International Staff Band and International Staff Songsters.

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