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Licenced Music Man Projects Serving Local Communities Across the UK

Regional Partner Organisations (RPOs)

As well as running the headquarter service in Essex, The Music Man Project partners with individuals, charities, churches and schools to provide original music, bespoke teaching resources, training and performance opportunities for the benefit of children and adults with learning disabilities across the UK and around the world. Regional Music Man Projects have been established in Kent, Suffolk, Hampshire, Keynsham, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Lincolnshire, Sussex, Lancashire, Scotland and the Philippines. Regional projects are officially licenced for free, enabling them to use The Music Man Project brand and to access exclusive music, teaching resources and inspirational performance opportunities under a not-for-profit franchise agreement. Regional Music Man Projects join together to form our unique global musical family. Click the logos below for more information.

MMP Essex
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UK Concert Tour with the Salvation Army of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Thanks to a unique partnership with The Salvation Army, The Music Man Project Ambassadors have travelled over 10,000 miles to inspire new communities to start their own regional Music Man Projects. Our concerts and workshops have reached all corners of the UK. To find out how the Salvation Army can help set up a group in your local area, phone them on 02076017026 or email

South Shields
Bognor Regis
Bangor, N Ireland
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Chris Stringer, Disability Inclusion Development Manager for The Salvation Army

"It is now more vital than ever that The Salvation Army welcomes, includes and involves people with a disability. The Music Man Project gives The Salvation Army an opportunity to reach out to people with a disability not only to explore their music ability but also to explore faith."