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Volunteering at The Music Man Project
"As a volunteer I definitely get as much, if not more out of the experience than the students I volunteer to help"
Jon Webber, Coronation Champion Volunteer 2023
Volunteering at The Music Man Project
"I leave each session energised and invigorated with MMP music ringing in my ears!" 
Volunteering at The Music Man Project
Join Our Great Big Musical Family!
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Volunteers play a huge role in our charity and we welcome people from all sections of society, with or without musical or Special Needs expertise or experience. Volunteer roles include supporting students, fundraising, helping with transport, photography, videography, sound and lighting, design, performing and major musical collaborations. These skills are extremely valued by both The Music Man Project National Charity and our Regional Partner Organisations. Please contact your nearest Regional Music Man Project to ask about volunteering opportunities in your area.  

“If you are reading this you might be thinking about volunteering with The Music Man Project. In 2017 I was wondering myself what I could offer The Music Man Project in Southend and you are probably asking the same questions. If you are thinking of volunteering – just give it a go. You may not think you have any relevant skills, but if you can sit and talk to students, help them during the teaching sessions, laugh a lot and generally join in then in no time at all you will have them making a bee-line for you when you arrive, keen to talk to you (and giving you a big hug too!).”

Jon Webber – Coronation Champion, Music Man Project Essex and National Charity Volunteer (Bass Player, Photographer & Sound Engineer)

“I feel privileged to be a volunteer for The Music Man Project since 2019. Each session is vibrant – the students so friendly, engaged, enthusiastic and confident. I help out in many and various ways and love being part of the fun and community. I leave each session energised and invigorated with MMP music ringing in my ears! Thank you MMP Kent!

Margaret Reeves, Music Man Project Kent Volunteer

“Volunteering at the Music Man Project is a joy. Seeing the students learn new musical skills, growing in confidence and performing to an audience is simply the best. I love it!”     

Robert Baker, Music Man Project Kent Volunteer