International Visits

International visits and the partnerships that follow provide unique benefits to all parties. They authenticate our own teaching techniques and content within other communities, proving the universal language of music is a uniquely effective worldwide teaching tool.

They are also an opportunity to learn from practitioners in other parts of the world and to share our knowledge of how to provide an impactful service using our original resources.

The cultural exchange is an excellent opportunity for us to seek inspiration for diverse new compositions to further educate our students back home. Additionally, our international work contributes to PhD academic research at the Royal College of Music, London. Our partners can be part of an international research study at one of the most prestigious music conservatories in the world.

In August 2016, Music Man Project staff visited Sizanani Children’s Home and Day Care centres in South Africa for a fully sponsored 10-day teaching and research trip. Regional Director Jenny Hitchcock returned in 2017 to witness their progress and to provide further support for staff. Whilst she was there, the students from Music Man Project South Africa recorded a performance of ‘Peace and Hope’ from The Music Man Project Songbook. This was shown to the capacity audience at the London Palladium in 2017.

In October 2016 Music Man Project staff visited Northern Ireland to mentor a disabled musician as she tries to her fulfil her dream of teaching music to her local learning -disabled community in Enniskillen.  In April 2017, Music Man Project staff self-funded a teaching and training visit to Bangalore, India. This trip included training staff and teaching both children in schools and adults in the community. The 7 day visit culminated in a concert to showcase the progress made.

The Music Man Project is a founding member of the Anglo Asiatic Arts and Heritage Alliance, an organisation that links arts, culture and heritage with academia to promote the globality of arts and heritage and their relevance to communities. Visit for more information and watch David Stanley’s presentation at the AAAHA launch on Saturday, 30 April 2016, Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS, University of London.

The ambition moving forward, is to establish a music education service in every county in the UK and to plant the seed for a Music Man Project in every continent in the world.  We are currently looking for sponsorship to extend the Music Man Project to more communities overseas.